Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well.
~Marcus Valerius Martial


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Autumn Personal Wellness Program!
Being Ayurveda
Sept 2014 - Jan 2105

Learn the Art of Simple Balanced Living - often the most simple lifestyle changes can have the most profound effect on our health & happiness. Your Personal Wellness Program Includes  Read More

Welcome to Being Ayurveda~Simple Balanced Health
Welcome to Being Ayurveda - my goal is to help you access 5000 years of healing in a practical way.  Ayurveda is more than just dosha's; it is a complete holistic science that can bring balance to all aspects of your life.  I am an established consultant here, in Rhode Island,  and I offer Ayurvedic Consultations, Seasonal Cleansings and Private Yoga Therapy.  Open yourself to Being  Ayurveda,  open yourself to balance. 

At Being Ayurveda~Simple Balanced Health means helping you integrate all aspects of your self; helping you bring your body and mind into balance - allowing your true, authentic self to blossom.  Ayurveda is for and accessible to everyone. More importantly, there is a place of balance in each one of us; together we can find yours - Mary Guerenabarrena, Founder, Being Ayurveda.

  Here's what clients are saying-

"When I discovered Ayurveda, through Mary Guerenabarrena, I was thrilled. I find the Ayurvedic approach to be the perfect complement to my yoga practice. What I particularly like about Mary , apart from her deep knowledge of Ayurveda, is her down-to-earth, and fun, presentation of Ayurvedic techniques and philosophy. She makes it accessible, and so very do-able. Under Mary’s guidance I have easily incorporated Ayurveda into my life, and it has helped improve my overall health enormously, not to mention my yoga practice. I feel more grounded and calm. I have happily recommended Mary’s services to a number of people, and will continue to do so."